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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I Tried It: Shred415


There are a ton of great fitness studios in Chicago - pilates, yoga, barre, etc., and I've been enjoying the chance to try a bunch of new workouts.  I've heard great things about Shred415, which started in Chicago and now has several studios around the city. The concept is an hour class, broken up into 4 15-minute intervals (switching between treadmill and weight training), then further broken up into smaller 30 second or minute intervals. The instructor led the class through different walk/run/sprint intervals and then different weight training exercises (squats, step ups, lunges, core work). The class went by super fast because of intervals -- nothing seems too intimidating when there is an end in sight. Changing it up like that was challenging but a great way to stay motivated. You have your choice of weights and speed on the treadmill, and the instructor does a good job of pushing you to go your max (which may be different for each person in the class). I really enjoyed it and was sore for the next couple of days. There is an introductory price for the first class and then there are class packages and unlimited memberships. I definitely recommend checking it out for a great workout!

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