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Friday, October 3, 2014

I Tried It: 30 Day Plank Challenge


I've seen quite a few of these 30 Day challenges floating around Pinterest for a while now, and always thought they'd be a great way to challenge myself to improve on something. This one is from the 30 Day Fitness Challenge website, which has a ton of these. Before this, I was only able to hold a plank for about 45 seconds before bailing - and while I didn't get up to the 300 second/5 minute mark, I did go up to 4 minutes - sometimes taking some 10 second breaks and sometimes doing a minute as a side plank. This challenge greatly improved my core strength and my ability to hold a plank longer, and my stomach feels a lot flatter than it did a month ago. Most importantly to me, it got me in a routine of doing planks first thing in the morning. I will definitely try to continue to do a few exercises every morning before the day starts. I'd also like to check out more of the challenges from this site!

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