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Friday, September 19, 2014

I Tried It: Flywheel

I've always liked the various spin classes I've taken over the years - they always seem to really work up a sweat with the hill climbs and intervals. I've been dying to try out SoulCycle since I've heard so many great things, but there is still not a studio here in Chicago. I've heard Flywheel is similar, so I decided to try it out!

It's a bit on the pricier side (1 class is $25, and packages are available in 5, 10, and 20 classes for a slightly discounted rate), but I was excited to try it out. I registered online with a credit card and reserved my class along with my bike number. The studio was super packed on a Saturday, but the energy was high. I needed some help getting my bike adjusted and my shoes clipped in (they give you biking shoes, or you can bring your own), and the staff was super helpful getting set up.

The studio itself was small, but not too cramped. They turn the lights way down and the music up so it was almost like a party in there. The instructor was great and super motivating, and led us through various hill and spring intervals using the torque adjustment and RPM, both displayed on the bike. Also, I opted in to be on the Torqboard, where names and total power are displayed on screens in the room, ranked with the other people in the class. I found this to be motivating, but knew I was obviously not going to be at the top of the list, so it didn't really matter to me. It would be super motivating for people who are more competitive, but I'm just not, so I just found it more annoying than helpful. I put in my best effort to keep up with the instructor, and the interval bursts and recovery made it interesting and fun! All in all, I really enjoyed this class and would definitely go back!


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